Most all types of pouches are accepted;

I try to keep my site as clean as possible.

Some exceptions are allowed.

----------NO NUDITY----------

Thank You.

My Glass pouches are all made of glass beads on the outside,

deer hyde for the inner lining and leather strapping for around

the neck or waist and sewed with Sinew.

A reasonable pouch takes me about three weeks to make;

so give time for shipping.

****Prices may vary depending on the type, size and style of the pouch.****

4" x 6" Pouch
$65.00 Item #P220
Medicine Pouch
$25.00 Item #P221

A "Medicine Pouch" is your secret place to keep your spiritual items
close to your heart. Only you know what is in the pouch.
The contents can be a special stone to a lock of hair.